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Had some requests to dig this one up, link to video was broken... here it is.

Video of Green Bay Pressure Crack Truck Crossing.

This video is from a few years back, after the heyday of jumbo perch fishing Green Bay. I am out with my Uncle Tom's gang hunting for those gb perch. The video looks like a border crossing in Afghanistan but trust me it's 7 miles out on GB :D

The bay is a wild place in the winter, slush pockets, open water, white outs happen in minutes, ice chunks break off and float away with fishermen on them, people get lost, cracks become uncrossable, trucks, cars, snowmobiles and quads go down all the time.  :cookoo:

There is no audio, so I'll try to narrate.

The first part of the video,  my brother and I are doing 70mph in his truck! We are trying to keep up with Uncle Tom's fishing bud Merle and Vernon, Merle is leading and he has a lead foot :o. Were not keeping up :)

We approach the crack, Uncle Tom guides everyone across the planks. The planks are put out by an local guy in his 80's :o! These are very nice! Some that we cross aren't so nice. The crossing goes well!

We head north for a mile or two when Merle piles into a slush pocket and buries his pickup in a slushy drift! You never no about these slush pockets some times the truck just goes down. (It happened to my Uncle Ray a few years b4 this video. He drove into a slush pocket about 5 miles out in 10' of water on a reef, It cost 5000 for helicopter and diver to get his swamped truck back.)  Well it takes some shoveling, two trucks and four people, but we get him out ;D

We are packing up the chains when a rescue chopper fly’s over to see what kind of trouble we are in. Merle laughs yelling "MAYBE WE'LL MAKE THE NEWS TONIGHT!"

Fishing Green Bay 1 Download 56k *Updated with audio
Fishing Green Bay 1 Download Broadband *Updated with audio

*New vid I just added, its all good fun until you can't get off the ice.

Fishing Green Bay 2 Download 56k
Fishing Green Bay 2 Download Broadband



You guys are nuts. I used to cross it by snowmobile, and that's dangerous enough...sometimes it's pretty wide! I grew up in door county and fished GB all the time...seen lots of ppl go down through the crack. Saw one dude slam into some low ice shoves doing about 90 on his sled...nothin left of him but a big red streak and some hamburger. If your going to cross a rift, make sure you do it with a buddy, and make sure he's done it before! That was a nice bridge...some are not so sturdy.

Whole lotta work for one per perch  :P

I don't see how somebody could do that. I'm not that desperate for a little old perch 8)


--- Quote from: IceFishingBear on Sep 17, 2004, 10:32 PM ---I don't see how somebody could do that. I'm not that desperate for a little old perch 8)

--- End quote ---

Back in the day, you could get a 5 gallon pail full of 13+ inch perch in a couple of hours. My mom used to do it all the time in the 70's and early 80's.


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