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this maybe a dumb question but what the best/ your favorite perch jig. im in no way an expert but usually catch fish. right now i have some dots and some other ones from bass pro. they seem brighter than any lure id us in open water. i usually fish with perch eyes or minnows

flik n dip:
for jiging swedish pimples. For bait I use small minows.

When jigging for perch I like to use a vertical jig because they seem to be more attracted to it as crappie seem more attracted to a horizontal(talking about in which the direction if the hook point is facing. A variety of small jigs work great and my favorite thing is to tip with a mousie as the tails give a lot of action.

my #1 is a pimple with a perch eye.

my #2 is a good ole 1" tube jig with smelly jelly.  no bait.

Small white Swedish pimple or northlands forage minnow in hologram/glow. Vertical jigging is best in my books with the aforementioned tipped with a perch eye, pork belly or small hunk of salted shiner.


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