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Huron Bay burbot


I heard of safe ice on Huron. Normally I fish munising but with this crap winter we are having, I'm in search elsewhere. Does anyone have any info on where to look for. Burbot on Huron Bay?

I haven't fished huron bay but on keweenaw pretty much anywhere from 25-50 feet at night will have burbot. I would imagine it's the same in huron.

I caught some straight out from the public launch in ~60 FOW

one of them I cleaned was full of pink macaroni and that kind of disgusted me but that's a different story

The Fisher King:
Head out from the Ravine river parking spot by Huron Bay Trading Post and head north until you find 20+ feet of water.

Good luck.

Ice was 4-5 a week ago. Should be thicker now.



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