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Homemade Portable Shanty Build

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Any idea ballpark what the final weight is?

nice build!  it look like the one we built years ago from plans in a magazine.  have built two over the last 40yrs.  again nice work!

Iím going to weigh it soon. But it is not manageable for 1 guy. Iím guessing 125 to 150 poundsa. But being 5 ft wide and 6í2 tall and 8 ft long, 1 guy canít really handle it.  Itís easy for two guys tho.  Itís big. Three guys can fish easy and 4 comfortably.   I am also building a smaller 1 to 2 man one now. It will be 48w x 6.5L x 5 tall with a 1 foot fold up side it get to 6ft tall.  Not gojng to put a floor in it.  My guess this one will come in at 50 to 70 lbs is all.

I will post pics of it too over next few weeks and get the weight on both.   But all in all I already like it better than the old pop up tent style.     


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