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I was on the north end today. Water is dirty. Tons of fish around. Some attacked the bait, most eased up and gave it a look before moving on.  Got one pretty decent crappie. I didn't keep any, just wanted to make them late for something.

3mm black would have been the perfect jig. I didn't have any because I grabbed 4mm when I was buying jigs. Gold worked a little, pink worked a little, 4mm black was best from what I had. Metallic blue didn't work at all. Think I might skip church and go Sunday. I had to drill a hole by hand today because I didn't even think about an auger so that is all I had in the pickup. That was the only hole I was gonna drill, either I caught them or I didn't. I was halfway to the lakes and thought, oh crap balls, I forgot an auger or drill

It was on fire yesterday. Anyone fishing this week should have a lot of fun

I'd like to get out. I heard someone ice fishing south of Cherokee drown today.


Sad news.


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