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What hook sizes on your tip ups with shiners/minnows?

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This is the question for the ages. I use small single hooks size 8 when fishing for trout but it is a double edged sword. I use light mono or flouro leaders 6-8 pound test because trout are hook and line shy in clear waters. This becomes a problem every time out because I do get bit off pretty much every fishing trip at least once or twice. I never do know what fish won the battle but I suspect Pickerel and I do get a few of them on the ice. Steel leaders would be a much better plan for the pickerel but then I would rarely ever get a trout. What works for you with the species of fish you target is a pretty personal choice but big hooks and heavy line/leaders will certainly take you out of the running for trout except Lake trout.

I use treble hooks and my buddy uses single #4s, he just recently switched to #4 circle hooks. We both use Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon. If you ask me the fluoro is the trick. We catch a lot of pickerel and after each catch you have to check the line and retie and start fishing again. I 17-pound test fluorocarbon without an issue and really don't lose any fish.

Number 8's or 6's at the biggest.  I've caught lots of bass, perch, and pickerel with these sizes without any problems.

15# Seguar Invizx fluoro...1/0 circle hooks...*Golden Shiners*. Just switched from wire and trebles this season. More flags and 0 break/cutoffs.

*Long story short, if you can get/find them, Cisco are killer baits for Pike...dead or alive.


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