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What hook sizes on your tip ups with shiners/minnows?

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Neil McCauley:
I like red VMC or Mustad size 8 treble hooks with medium shiners for lakers/pike/etc. But I never had a good reason for this choice. What hooks are others running?

EDIT: definitely size 8-10 not 14!

SD Fisherman:
I run mainly chubs and shiners on tip ups with a #6 or #8 treble. :tipup:

#10 trebles for most baits

Salty Ice Queen:
My husband and I,... also run chubs and shiners on #6 and # 8 trebles...

I only fish for pike on tipups with golden shiners.i use size 6 and 4 trebles or 1/0 to 3/0 circles.i get less throat chokers on the bigger hooks.


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