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Any fishable ice in Baraga?

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There's a hole in the clouds today(1-29-22) right over KB. The satellite image showed up pretty good today.

Anyone marking smelt yet? I had a small school come in by the campground in 80 ft Saturday night. I have a feeling once they’re in thick fishing will get great

Ive never fished the bay on the ice. ANY tips are appreciated. What do you usually catch? Lakers, splake, cohos? Would love to set up some tip ups and jig. Set tip ups up high for cohos? Maybe bounce a jigging rap on the bottom?

I saw your other post too. KB is great for all the fish you mentioned as well as whitefish, Lake Superior Whitefish is absolutely delicious. Many of us hook a line fish for smelt. They fight hard and are a lot of fun to catch on 1 pound mono. Your ideas for coho seem about right, splake tend to hang in shallower water, like right off the mouth of the falls river, minnows, spawn, and I've had good luck using a small red and white jigging spoon. I drove past KB yesterday 02/02/22 and the ice looked thin, like choppy from the winds, and no one was out on it by the willows. I saw a few tents by the Disney dock though. I'm waiting a week before trying anything there, I'm not as agile as I used to be.

How’s the ice looking today? I wanna get on some whitefish by the lighthouse tomorrow hope it isn’t damaged a ton from the wind


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