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ANyone ever use inline swivels with a hook attached?

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Anyone ever make use of these for perch? I have had tons of success with just a tungsten jig, but I'm looking to mix it up with a drop shot rig and someone said this about 8" up would be deadly as a combo.

I'm probably going to do a small drop shot with 2.5" of fluoro to tungsten tipped with meals, then about 8" up I was told I can throw some berkley nymph bait for something on that contraption.

I tie three hooks on a line for perch, usually either dropper loops, drop shot style, or just as snell knot on each.  If i could find these in a good size for Perch at a decent price i would 100% try them.  Ive only ever seen them for Bass and they looked too big for my perch needs.

I do not tie but put a dropshot style hook on above the swivel from my superline to flourocarbon about 12-18". You may have to adjust the angle of the eye a little. When you jig the presentation the dropshot hook slides up the line and when you drop the rig it slowly jerks its way back down to the swivel. Like any presentation some days its deadly and some days not so great, but usually produces on a slow bite when other rigs/lures do not.

I have had success with a basic crappie rig on perch.

When I fish an extra hook, I get more hooked on the edge of the hole, and they get off. I finally quit that because it was so frustrating.


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