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Perch secret weapon

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What produces the perch for ya when all else Fails ?

Wigglers...hands down. Then Waxies. Followed by minnows on a dead stick

Wigglers being some sort of worm ?

Nope. Mayfly larvae. Perch...and big "em. One hit wonders though. If you don't hook 'em on the first bite, might as well reel up and rebait. They're soft so won't stay on the hook. But like I said...they WILL hit 'em.

Perch eyeball. Tough and irresistible.

A barfed up baby perch is deadlier, but being partially digested, they don't stay on well

Both of these have the bootstrapping problem- you need to catch a perch to have either one, and of course, your local regulations may prohibit one or the other.


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