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Dinks, dink’s, dinks

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So what do you do when it seems that the dink perch have invaded?  Normally do really well with the bigger perch, but it seems that the little ones have taken over.  Have tried dif depths, dif areas, etc.   any thoughts?

move or go way bigger on lure or bait.  hate dink perch invasions.  I grab a bunch for tip up bait and move on.

my brother always said it's because your not holding your lips right. Have to make fish lips. :o

hardwater diehard:
Pound the bottom ..but fish higher in the water column ..those dinks tend to stay on the bottom..the larger/more aggressive fish will come up some ..larger bait offering can work as well.

This is where a camera can make the difference.  We were catching only dinks but camera showed big perch were there but would not compete for our baits. We needed to move to the edge of the group where there were less dinks.  Good luck.


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