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Nolan Male:
When jigging for perch get a piece of line that will reach about 4 ft under the ice. On the end of the line attach a 2 1/2in by a 2 1/2 in piece of alumminum foil to it with no hooks. Attach it to a piece of your gear and you have a fish attracter!!
Good Luck!!  

I've got another one - Take a couple egg shells and crush them up in your hand and sprinkle them down the hole and the perch come a-running

Is that you Steve?


Working the computer still looking for a job
If this keeps up I am going to have lots of time for fishing this winter. Have lots of other secrets for years of experience

Sorry to hear about the job.....I was in the same boat in June.
Going to come up for the "Augernutz" challenge ? I've got a little more done on my shanty....check it out. I hope to have all of it done in the next two weeks.


Bob D


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