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Presentation and Bait


What's your favourite lure for know, the one you always go to when things are slow, thinking that somehow your goto presentation has a better chance.  What do you rig it with for bait?  I've always used a small silver swedish pimple with a chartruese spinner tipped with a minnow head.  Any suggestions stories on this or the biggest monster you caught with it. :'( ;D


:DHey that sounds like a neat idea I never tried that 1 but I've used fatheads for them and wax worms. Do you have good excess with them.pdale

Mr. Fisherman,

Probably no better than anything else, but when they're slow I always figure they don't like seeing anything too big swingin in front of em.  Sometimes it works....sometimes not.  This past w/end it did work with the minnow head.  Blue was also the color of choice. :'( 8)


swedish pimple with a perch eye! ;)


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