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--- Quote from: ICEHOLE on Dec 31, 2020, 06:22 AM ---i get the "feels" in the morning when pike fishing. always seems action is good in the morning, slows till mid day (sometimes) then slow at end of day...most days its slow all day ::) ive never had an over night flag catch a pike

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x2  usually morning till noon.

snow snake:

Pike take the lull of the slow mid day  panfish bite away.i have flags to chase mid day while catching a few panfish roamers during the day.99% of my pike come noon to 4pm.

Feels like deer hunting, Early morning and late afternoon have always done well for me. But we’ve had flags all times of the day.

I caught my largest pike 1 hour before light.  Was walking out to my setup as guys were walking on the lake with headlamps. I always try to make it known that I beat them to the spot and they should look elsewhere. This time I landed a fatty in front of them. Needless to say I was covered up in anglers for the rest of the day

Well, I totally disagree with the late afternoon bite not being good in the winter.  If I were to add up all the pike I've caught in the winter, I would have to say afternoons are better, especially 4pm to not long after sunset.  There's also been some days when I've caught multiple fish around Noon, but that's probably moon or pressure related.  I think early, mid and late winter have their good and bad times too, but I've experienced good, bad and normal bites during all three periods though.

I do know of one oddity when it comes to summer fishing for pike.  There is one lake just outside the Metro, and I'm not divulging it's name, but right around the 4th of July, either the week before, that week, or the week after, typically when it's been ungodly hot and humid for a handful of days for the first time of the summer, the pike bite is phenomenal, especially during the hottest part of the day, even Noon to 2pm.  And these aren't your hammer handles either, I'm talking multiple 28" - 38" fish.  Last year, no lie, my buddy, his brother and Father caught 60 fish in that range.  They actually put them in a journal with the time, length and who caught it.  You can also go to that lake other times of the year and at various times of the day and have an average day, or no fish at all. 

Maybe this summer phenomenon happens on other lakes too.  When I was a kid, my best bass fishing day, a few 3-4 lbers, was around the 4th of July on a bright sunny day in the afternoon.   


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