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Hi guys,

just wanted to share my latest article on the best times of day for pike fishing. It's an all-season piece, but I thought you might be interested in the winter section! Feel free to comment and discuss it (and all the other seasons too, of course).

Here is a link to the article:

Have a nice New Year's Eve tomorrow and then we all gonna rock 2021!!!

Tight lines

P.S. Still no ice in sight over here in Sweden :/

It's very odd to have a night time feeding pike.  I've caught a few late night or should say very early morning.  I still remember once catching a pike at 3:40 am in the middle of of a deep basin while I was searching for nighttime crappies and walleyes.  It was down about 30' or so in the 40' or so deep.  At first I thought it was a huge crappie or possibly walleye.  However the pull run was too long and I got this feeling it was going to be a pike.  Yeah to my surprise when I finally got it up the hole, it was a pike. 

Pretty much any time between sunrise and sunset (maybe a little longer with submerged lights (where legal).

i get the "feels" in the morning when pike fishing. always seems action is good in the morning, slows till mid day (sometimes) then slow at end of day...most days its slow all day ::) ive never had an over night flag catch a pike

cant really say I have a preference.  I have caught them day and night.  the thing that gets me ready for pike is the weather.  you know, those dark cloudy days.  watch and plan on the fronts that you get.  they yield the most action for me.  late ice is another prime time for lots of flags.


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