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Missed strikes on the jaw jacker

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Looking for some advise on how to stop missing so many strikes with my jaw jacker. Was out last weekend and and missed 12 strikes and caught one jack. Was using a jig and minnow and every time I missed a strike, I'd check the bait. The bait was either ripped in half or had some of the skin missing from the back half.

Was using a long shank jig running the hook through the mouth and out the back of the minnow (only allowed dead bait in Saskatchewan). Any advise is appreciated.

Did you run any slack to give the fish time to eat it? (I use a bobber with a paper clip through it)

Did you play with the sensitivity of JJ, try to tighten it, sounds like it springs too early. Could add small treble and more slack.

hardwater diehard:
Run the hook parallel to the dorsal fin ..with the hook point pointed back to the tail fin usually hit the head (eyes) ..that way the hook point will be position...also moving toward the head some may help. 

BH ICE 0507:
Depends on the type of fish you're targeting. If you're getting trout to hit you're rarely going to lose strikes in my opinion cause they hammer the whole thing. If you have perch messing with your set up they will only bite the tail or tip of the minnow all day long and you'll never hook one. The most surefire way to set them every time is to give the fish nothing else to bite other than the hook (put a half a wax worm on a jig....). I'll also use pink plastics and a jig and tear off any tails of the plastic that the fish could hit that's not on the hook. If all that is still failing and you're super desperate you can put a size 18 treble as a stinger one inch below the jig..... just gotta give them nowhere else to grab onto but the hook.

Might also be worth mentioning the weight of the rod. Medium to medium heavy is the best in my opinion because it still has some give to fight the fish on its own but it has enough back bone to set the hook when it goes off.... let me know if your luck changes!


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