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Anchovies for dead bait.

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Just bought a dozen good size fresh whole anchovies for about 3 bucks.
I have seen smelt and herring in threads for dead but not anchovies.
Will these make good pike bait? They really have a strong fishy smell so I think they would work.
Anyone use them? Any thoughts?

you can eat them if you dont catch anything.

We tried them once when we couldn’t find anything else and they worked just fine. They were all smaller, around 6 inches but we still caught lots of pike and pike up to 41 inches on them

anchovies are fantastic for northern pike through the ice, all my old big pike pics from the 2000's on here were caught on anchovies. Used to catch MONSTER PIKE on 6" dead anchovies in lakes that stocked rainbow trout at about 5-11" in the theory was the big pike thought they were rainbows. One day only had 1 bite all day, was a nice 30" pike I got on an anchovy on a tipup, usually released em but kept this one cuz he swallowed it and was bleeding. Upon cleaning him, found about a 9" rainbow trout in his stomach.

VT snotrocket:
I would not hesitate to use anchovies at all. Not legal in vermont I have also heard mackerel works. When pike have the feedbag on I have found they arent that fussy. Just my opinion.


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