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Tiger muskie vs pike

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The rubber band trick:

If you don't have large dead bait and you're allowed treble or multiple hooks it is effective to hook more than one bait in effect of creating your own "mini-school". Since we can use live here I've also had success hooking one live with one larger dead. The motion of the smaller struggler attracts from farther than a simple static dead bait.


--- Quote from: icefishman on Jan 05, 2021, 06:47 PM ---Could you elaborate on the downrigger clips or rubber bands on tip ups? Thanks in advance

--- End quote ---
Heritage laker style tipups work the best for this, just wrap a rubber band around the post below the spool or use a downrigger clip on hair tie or tipup line hanging below the spool. Run a loop of line into the downrigger clip or rubber band so your bait doesnít set off your flag but the muskie can pull the loop out and trip the flag. Iíve seen people use clothespins too. If you use 10Ē plus sized live baits youíll get bait flags all day if you donít use a clip.


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