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Tiger muskie vs pike

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Well I live in Wyoming and not much like. However there are more and tiger muskie being stocked. And guess what thas on my son's (11 yes 😀)bucket list this year. And not sure how to go about them. Most are small reservoirs some weeds and not too deep. There is perch and bluegill in there also. Any help would be great. We have tip ups jawjackers and large arsenal of jigs.

Well, being a pike/muskie cross I would think your usual pike setup would work just fine. Personally,  I like coated braid, wire leader, #8 treble and large sucker minnows on my tipups. I don't jig much.

Tigers tend to hang out deeper than pike, I catch most of mine off deep weed edges in 12-25’ of water. I have caught them as shallow as 3’ though. Both live and dead baits work, I like baits around 10-12”, suckers, golden shiners and fallfish seem to work the best. For the big live baits you’ll need to mount rubber bands or downrigger clips to your tipups so you don’t get bait flags. For the leader use steel or 60lb floro and I suggest using single hooks because big fish often swallow your bait by the time you get to the flag, I use 5/0 octopus hooks.

Well we went out and gave it a shot. Had only 2 1/2.  3 inch minnows. Freah dead ones. Not allowed to use live bait there. On tipups and jawjacker. And jigging .Lost a few just couldn't  land them.  Learning this small reservoir for sure. Drilled 50 holes and found it's only 14 feet  deep with good weed lines. So it was fun for my boy and I to start  learning  this place. No fish but it was a blast just us 2 out enjoying the day. This is new the tiger muskies for us so used to trout and perch and cats and ling. Thank you for the tips all are appreciated and will be tried if allow on this reservoir

Could you elaborate on the downrigger clips or rubber bands on tip ups? Thanks in advance


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