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Big suckers for pike

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I am able to get my hands on free suckers from a buddy who does some commercial fishing. The suckers are pretty big, ranging from a foot to over 20". I have never used suckers for bait before. I am fishing in Saskatchewan and Alberta so the suckers will be dead when I use them.

How big is to big for a sucker. We have some giant pike in my neck of the woods and have caught big pike on some big bait before but nothing this big.

Any suggestions on how to fish them and how to rig them would be appreciated. I was thinking of fishing the suckers right on the bottom.

Thanks for the help


I am a big sucker for pike and I am pretty big.   ;D ;D

that makes two of us

Use them whole up to 14" then fillet the rest. Leave the skin and scales on and cut the fillets into workable size strips. ;)

by cutting the suckers into smaller bait, does it affect how it fishes when compared to whole bait?


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