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Time to start dusting off the tip-ups and argue our Pike leaders!!

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I switched from using heavy floro to Malin #3 .012 coffee wire and #10 Mustad tripple grips on a quick strike rig. After following: esox_xtm posts, this guy know his stuff. My catch rate on the Finger Lakes area of NY has probably increased by 75%  I also have utilized my mobility wheeler and sled to keep the spread moving. Also a huge help, know the area and move.

Always wire...always big treble...always big bait. Why? My main target is panfish. But I almost always put out a tip up or two for ol' toothy on noted pike waters. Do I always get one? Nope. But when I do do, it's one worth mentioning. My motto has always been..."If you want big...go big". Nuff said.

I made the choice to either chase pike or panfish, not both at the same time!  Once I commited the day to Pike with light wire,quick strike rigs and moving tipups every hour or so if they are not getting bit. (Working both ways out, along the contours and weeds from the origional set). My own Pike #'s on the ice went through the roof :tipup:

Thats the great thing about this sport, so many different possibilities and combinations depending on species, time, lake, vegetation, natural prey species, you name it.  There is no 1 sure fire method and any method could produce on any given day.  It's all about increasing the odds.  I for one, choose to rig a "natural looking" or as naturally looking as possible tip up rig.  30# braided main line, tied directly to a 40# mono leader with a surgeon knot.  No spinners, or beads on the leader.  Just a lively minnow (or smelly deadbait).  This is my go to.  I can say that I switched to steel leaders a few years ago, I tried coated, single wire, a couple different varieties but noticed the number of flags I was getting decreased dramatically.  I think the leader material was just more visible and less flexible.  So I switched back to a heavy mono.  I have been told the fluoro is superior, but the price is what turns me off. 


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