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Figure ate:
Recently caught some perch out of a lake I had never fished before. Kept 4, two 11" a 12" and a 13". I've always loved perch, but these tasted bad. Not bad as in rotten (eaten hours post-mortem), but almost bitter and lacking the sweet and delicate flavor I normally associate with perch.

Have any of you guys had issues with this out of certain lakes or bigger fish? I'm baffled and disappointed

I fished a lake the last 2 weeks keeping perch, gills and crappie. This last week I fillet a perch and the meat was like yellow color? The rest of the perch were white? I threw that one away, but I never saw one yellow in 40 plus years of ice fishing.

"you are what you eat"; did you check what they had been eating when you cleaned them?  or could they have gotten contaminated during transport? ( some kind of auger fuel?)

If a panfish filet smells, mushy, oddly discolored, or buggy I donít eat it.

Its probably what their food source is and what they have been foraging on in that particular body of water.


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