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In Search Of Burbot In Inland Lakes

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     Hey guys, I am new to ice fishing for burbot. A buddy and I are looking for an inland lake in the Marquette area to target the lawyers. Anyone know a lake that has a population of them? Or maybe what type of lakes are likely to have a habitat for them?

I have done some research on them, I have been using glow lures, minnow heads, and fishing near dusk and into the night.

Any tips on lakes would be great!


Lake Michigamme has em.

Chris Raymond:
You're way better off just running down to the Bays de Noc and fishing for them there.  Much more abundant and larger in size. 

Thanks, I am actually headed to the bay this week-end for eyes.
It feels wrong saying that I hope I catch some burbot while going for walleye!

Hey Brother!! Catch what is biting!! If I am Bluegill fishing, and get a perch. Sorry about your luck Mister Perch.


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