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Flourocarbon, Mono or Wire Leaders?

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St. Lawrence River Guy:
I've been running 30lb mono leaders for a few years and my results have really improved since switching from traditional wire leaders.  However, today I had two fish break off those leaders (they might have been damaged last weekend but I didn't see any noticeable issues when baiting my hooks).

So, in very clear water (today I was sight fishing perch in 20 ft+ of water) what's your leader of choice.

Type, weight, brand?


Seagar blue label leader 20 lb for pike 8 lb for walleye 2 or 4 lb for panfish

Seaguar 60lb fluoro leader material. This is important... fluorocarbon line and fluorocarbon leader material are not the same. The actual leader material is much more resistant to abrassive tension. And ive been bit off on 60.

St. Lawrence River Guy:
I've heard good things about seaguar.  Always balked at the price but by the time you buy tip ups, bait, shanties, heaters, etc, etc, etc, losing big fish b/c I didn't spend $20 on leaders seems silly.

Just placed an order for some 60lb leaders.


Evil Tom:
Why not braided line?.


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