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Hey guys,
Id like to start jigging for perch this winter and I was looking around for small jigs and I fell on Wolfram fiskas jigs. Im very interesting in buying a dozen or so of themin different color and sizes. Id like to know which size and color do you use for perch between 10 to 25 feet of water and if you tip them with anything. I want to add also that it will be used on an ultra light rod with 3lbs line maybe 2lbs depending of what I see on this forum.

To all I wish you a merry Christmas and tons of fish this winter!

i use size 4mm with plastics or spikes

Since they are small in size, do they attract and catch some of the bigger perch? When I say bigger I mean 8in+ in length.

Bucket Rump:
I typically use 3, 4, and 5mm tungstens plus a variety of spoons and jigging raps.  Yes, going small can attract the larger perch - sometimes it takes small.  I usually start big and work my way down in size.

We use mostly 4,5mm and Gold glow works well with spikes. Catches a ton of perch,gills and walleye as well


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