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Do any of you guys use single treble hook rigs for pike? I know about predator rigs just thought maybe less stress on the fish with one hook. If you do are they bought ones or homemade? I usually use between 4”-8” bait. Thanks in advance!!

Redneck,used single treble for years, the last 20 plus years I used quick strike rig. I make my own size 8 in the front of bait size 6 in the dorsal of the bait. I use large bait crappie 8"-9" long,big suckers. The back treble can slide and adjust to any size bait. I also use a down rigger release attached to the frame on the tip up and then attached the release under the spool. This eliminates the bait setting off the tip up.Hope to  beat my PB 42.5".pike this winter. Hope this helps you. Very seldom do they swallowed the bait,usually in the corner of the mouth.

I only use a single treble and can’t say my success rate would improve with multiple. Heck, I would probably hook myself if I tried more than one!

 The only time I have seen someone use multiple trebles is with dead bait.

I have used circle hooks often with good success. I am catch and release so I like that a single hook is easier to remove without hurting the fish. I use a single hook on my Swedish pimples also. Generally I prefer shiners, but I pickup fatheads in case I stay out longer than expected and run low on bait. I have never tried a premade rig. Good luck and tight lines!

Single treble guy here except for larger live and all dead baits. Standard is a #10 (I know, seems small) but I use a wide gap 4x strong that has yet to bend outward on any fish (up to 45"). I go tandem 10s on big live bait and tandem 6s on deads and have covered deads up to 15" long with 100% hookup (admittedly pretty small sample on bait that size).

Never got anything OTC except components and always rolled my own. Done it this way since the 80's. No need to fix what ain't broke.


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