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I've started fishing at night this year for the first few times. I do well all day long on the lake i fish in 25 to 30 fow at the bottom of a break that i fish. Once the sun goes down i stop catching perch on tip ups and jigging. stop marking them all together on my bird. I was wondering if perch move shallow at night. there's a weed bed at the top of the ledge in about 8 fow and was wondering if they might be pulling up in there or if they are just locating elsewhere along the ledge. any tips for nighttime perch would be great.
thank you

I've heard several people used lights and glow jigs but, you need be on the perch for success.

I've noticed, with a camera, lethargy and holding one position on the bottom to be most common.

More research would help us all.

Good luck, Bassmaster16.     ;)2

I don't catch many perch at night but I do always get a few when I'm fishing for walleyes after dark and they tend to run big. I do have a couple spots that produces a solid night bite on early ice that only my brother and I know about.  ;) We swore secrecy to the spots in high school, and never fish them with a light so nobody sees us. There are spots out there in every lake that will produce night bites. Our night spots slow down once the whole area is iced over because baitfish aren't being pushed in as heavily. The things to focus on are plankton activity, current to push baitfish, and access to deep water. Early ice and late ice are the best times to get perch at night.

perch can be caught at night, but you almost have to drop it right on top of them to do so. i'd imagine having a submersible light would help, but i've never managed to catch them at night with any real consistency, usually if i get them after dark they're a random bycatch.

the reality is, perch are very sight-oriented predators, but their night vision is not good. it's very common to see perch completely shut down as soon as it gets too dark. they don't really go anywhere except maybe to find cover or shelter for the night.

if you're wanting to target them at night, set up shop well before dark. perch are curious by nature, and tend to school up pretty quickly. set up a light as you fish so the perch are already congregated around it thanks to your fishing, this should help them see fairly well after dark, which will keep them in the area and feeding. if possible, i'd choose a body of water where the perch have as few predators as possible. a perch that feels safe will feed easier than a perch that feels like it's being hunted.

Great tips...thanks.


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