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diesel doctor:
Blue wing lodge is Awesome, sleeps six complete set up, kitchen, linen, etc. This will be our third year staying there and highly recommend it. 


--- Quote from: Poutman on Dec 28, 2016, 09:12 PM ---Check out the Hot Spot in Bristol. 6 or 7 miles west of Webster on 12.

--- End quote ---

Always stop when I'm in the area.  The Orr's are great people too.

 Thank you for all the input, a buddy of mine got a lead on a house in Webster. Will be heading up next weekend.   It sounds like he drive to the "Hot Spot" is in order. 

Hey Mooncat, I to am from Nebraska and made my first trip north last Febr. We stayed in a cabin on Lake Thompson.  Northshore Lodging and campground. Monte and Laura will take good care of you there. We were directed towards Whitwood last year and the slough on Lake Thompson. We didnt set the world on fire but are coming back so it was OK. We also used "The Baitbox" bait shop in Lake Preston. Super friendly people and very helpful. The guys at the gas station up the street were helpful too. Hope this helps.

Deadhead D:
  I really enjoyed the Home Town Hotel in Willow Lake.  Probably the nicest place I have stayed in South Dakota, and I have stayed a LOT of places up there.


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