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!!!!BE SAFE!!!!

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I forgot the most important thing we do. We purchased the auto inflate Life jackets from cabales.. They are super comfy and you can put them on when walking out then take off re adjust after getting comfy in your tent.

Also we carry a boat seat floatable. They are light weight fit in the bottom of the sled and you can us it to sit on for padding. Walmart has them pretty cheap. Easily thrown or you can slide them across the ice.

Its that time of year, so lets be safe. Here's a few guides/pics for ice thickness & safety that I have found looking around. Be safe everyone

I still never drive my pickup on the ice. The ATV yes, carefully on less than a foot.

I did buy on sale a Cabelas self inflating life vest last Spring, $130 marked down from $180 Can't wait to try it out...Oops, to feel the comfort of wearing it. Has 40 pounds of lift, pretty maxed out, takes 12 to float a person. Has a panic pull cord which is for reasurance.  That might be a good topic for a thread, the life preserver thread.

While a coiled rope is better than nothing a rescue rope in the bag is more accurate to throw . practice a few times and hope you never have to use it.
Be familiar with all your equipment before. A situation arrives. Be safe and good luck!


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