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went out to check 3 weeks ago and put the Spud bar thru on the 3rd wack.... looked at my buddy still standing on shore with the throw rope and said "Nope". We went home alive.

Quoted from another site. Be safe out there as this ice season comes on thanks fish_fear_me2 on BFT utah

Please be careful on the ice.  Very little Ice and most of it is unsafe.

Call out:  Ice Rescue

When:  Sunday - 12/20/2020 - 11:20am

Where:  Strawberry Res.

What Happened:  Wasatch 911 dispatch center received a call from a group of people that were Ice fishing at Strawberry and where now an Iceberg flooting away from the bank.  Wasatch Search & Rescue and Wasatch EMS deployed to the area.  SAR was able to get our Ice Rescue team out to scene quickly and make sure the people were safe until our boat arrived.  3 adults and 1 dog were rescued and brought back to shore.  This could have ended very differently.  Please know how to read the Ice before you venture out this early in the season.


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