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Bill Dance:
Just a little reminder to everyone new to this forum....    Moderators read pretty much every post that is removed from the entire national Iceshanty site, 95% of the time it is for some type of  profane word or expression and generally something known as "letter substitution", putting a couple of "$&" in the middle of a profanity in order to make the word "legal". Although that critter is a rare anomaly here on BC Iceshanty , those are always removed by whatever Mod happens to see them first.  Advertising or personal "For sale" or "want to buy" posts are also removed pretty regularly, although private for sale PM's between members is allowed. Assorted other reasons for post removal may be found listed in detail (page 1, par 1) in the Forum Agreement (Click this link). On a rare occasion, a post will disappear for no apparent reason. If that happens, shoot me a pm and I'll attempt to figure it out.


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