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Lets see some pictures of your kids fishing.  If you don't have any pics of them fishing, post a pic anyway.  Show off your pride and joy.  If you have pics of nieces, nephews cousins, etc.. fishing, show them too. 

Here's Mine!!
Six Month old Kye:

Kye and 2 year old Ayden:

Ayden after a good day of spearing:

Ayden after a long day of spearing:

Wow you start them young that's great!!! And nice handfull of pike there :) :)


Grandson first time on the ice

10 min later with a lmb

heres leigha with a bass she wants nothing to do with touching (couple years ago)

doing what she does best

couple from this year, leigha and harlee checking out a flag

harlee taking over my controls

leigha with her first northern


Nephew then son, I will have more.


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