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this weather is great! I love it.


ice makerr:
This weather is nice. The ice is a inch in medina county. There might be
good ice this year. I got a secret spot on Portage lakes. I catch 9" blue gill left and right with a few crappies mix in. I use 24" super ultra light fishing rods. With Ultra light reels. I got this new line it is very strong but it is very fine. It is as fine as hair. It is strong as or even stronger than 4 pound test and it really is 2 pound. It is red line they say the red line disapears completly once in get down about 9'. It is call cajun line or something like that. You  will Know it is it when u see it. It is is a red box.
     see ya,
              ice makerr

you must be and expert about the ice. I think you think you are God.


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