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hey wiper
i fished below p-hill spillway today .caught about 10 or 12
saugeye. some were pretty decent. just waiting on the ice
and of course that new vexi too . i got your e-mail addy offa here too. you may get one from me here on of these days...have a good one

Just wanted to know if you carried the new buzz stick fishing rod in your store I have been looking for one and can't seem to find one locally.

i think they said they were on order should be in by thanksgiving....hopefu lly  the ice will be right after  :'(

Pokeman,I'll have the buzz stik in Friday have 12 coming . Hope they sell? I can't wait to use one.Come down have alot of Ice Fishin gear.And I'f I dont have it I can get It........Later

Can anyone give me some info on grand lake near Celina, I will be living near that area soon and I don't know anything about that lake any info would be greatly appreciated.  8)


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