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crappie king:
Grand Lake St Marys is a man made lake 13,500 acres in size.Workers were paid 35 cents and a jigger of wiskey a day to dig it with hand tools. It took about eight years to complete and was finished in 1845. It is a great crappie lake in the spring and fall. In the spring they hold the annual crappiethon, The average depth is about 8-10 feet so it freezes pretty quick for this area. They have some pretty good perch fishing during the hard water season, you can get into the gills and crappie as well. Bass fishing in the summer is tough there is alot of water and it all looks the same. Because of the shallow depth it doesn't take much wind to get the water chopped up.

Crappie king, thanks for the detailed info. hopefully it will help me out this winter! It will possibly be the only lake that I will get to fish this year, but I do have some lines on a small pond, so maybe I will run in to you out there this year. Are there any suggestions on what end of the lake has the better structure or depths? also would you know of any bait shops around there that sell mousies or maggots? thank you for your help, it has been helpful.

crappie king:
weeds weeds and more weeds, fish anywhere on the lake that has weeds. as far as structure goes all you will find are slight drops 1 to 2 foot depth changes. Its a tough lake to bass fish. as far as ice fishing goes look for the ice shanties the local guys know that lake much better than I do. Sorry not sure about bait stores in the area


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