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Live on charles mill lake.Can't catch saugeye Please help  Dusty

I would check with the Mifflin Lakes Trading Post in Mifflin Ohio they can give you some good tips. They also have carry alot of Ice fishing equipment.

Hey thanks but I own The Trading post.

hiya wiper .i was in your store today.......and last weekend also. ordered  the vexilar fl-18 from your dad he said you were on here. just thought i'd say hey...i think i'm ready to figure these walleye and saugeye out this year myself. we outta get together ( if we ever get any ice that is ) see if
we can figure those buggers out .

Hey john boy .Thanks for the buisness.Would go fishin any time.I know where the crappie and wipers are but have spent many hours looking for saugeye.Can find a few but no pattern I know there in the lake........Later


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