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Island report 9-11th


Fished this week on tues-thurs..The first day went out from the s.p.The ice was not to bad ,a decent trail out..Guys were about half way to green...The bite was very slow ..I only cought spikes..wed I fished off the west shore,the..ice is as bad as I have seen in years..If you go slow it is ok. There is a trail marked going out...when I quit on thurs guys were about 1/3 of the way to rattle...The bite was slow over there as well...The ice everywhere I went was 7-10...And the water is clear..I think the ice will be plenty thick by next mon...Im headedback up on sun..The tourn is this weekend and I hope they make trails out...All of the spikes  were 10-12"ers...On the flight back saw many guys off Catawba out to the shove...later   greg

Walked out yesterday and today off of the new ramp on 8 inches of ice, and only caught one walleye. Im done for the year. Clear blue water and no hungry fish

Thanks for the report, i was wandering how the bite was over there. Where is the new ramp?  Just curious

Itís the new ramp because itís not as old as the old ramp. Itís on West Shore just west of Mitchell


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