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Say a few Wolverine fans wanna come to The Buckeye State for a little Walleye fishing...and please don't hold that against us  ;)...where would be a good place to launch should we get some ice? Would like to stay from Catawba/Port Clinton and to the west. I have fished out of Turtle Point on the soft water but that's it. We'll have sleds and quads so the travel out is not an issue. Thanks.

I do not know if we will have any fishable ice again this season, but if we do I would suggest looking at Camp Perry. Since you will need to pay for lodging anyway,you can leave your room and have direct access to the lake from the beach. I have attached a link for you to look at: https://cplcc.com/lodging/

Kind regards.

Here is a nice web site with live web cams of lake erie that shows current conditions: https://www.shoresandislands.com/webcams/.

This should help all that are wondering what condition the lake is.

Here is a link to maps of the western basin of Lake Erie.

It will show depth and location of the various reefs.


Another informational website for those interested. Current Lake Erie water temp at Port Clinton.



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