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Pike and Grass Humps  
« on: May 02, 2002, 05:41 PM »
Author  Subject: Pike and Grass Humps  
MJ5  Posted At 15:26:22 12/11/2001
Tip-up fishing is a game of waiting, so why not place your trap on top of a prime spot. I fished for pike petty extensively the last two ice fishing seasons, mostly during mid-day. I found that by placing your flags on top of grass humps or "beds" you double your chance. 1)Provide security for roaming prey and in return provide a mealline for pike. 2)Allow a place for pike to ambush prey. 3)Provides possible forage throughout winter for pike. 4)provides a good source of oxygen. Set tip-ups on and in deep water adjacent to the grass beds. Suspend bait a 6-10 inches off grass. Quickstrike rigs tipped with large silver shiners work the best. Barely hook the shiner so it stays alive and keeps moving. Most pike will come through on the shallower flag but the ones that come through deeper I have found to be a little larger.  

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Re: Pike and Grass Humps  
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are u talking about a weed bed?


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