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45-50 and rain not good for anybody.

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The lakes down here are all open water after this warm rain.I cant imagine the northern water held up any better.  Reports ?

Fished all day today. 4" of black with 4-6" of white ice. Morning was pretty hard but by the afternoon that white ice was soft. Not gonna last long

Thanks DR.. I think its over unless I drive to NY

Evil Tom:
9"black5" white today..Had quads out.Fishing sucked though difficult and weird year.

I hit Lake Hopatcong the last 2 is in pretty good shape in a lot of spots.  Always use caution.  I was able to jig a few perch and sunnies the last 2 days.  Today yielded larger fish, but overall a slow weekend.  I agree with Evil Tom, a difficult, weird ice fishing year.  TD


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