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Tip up storage in Jet Sled

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Looking to get my tip ups off the bottom of my Jet Sled. I run 7 Heritage Laker tip ups here in NY and am looking for ideas to keep them secure in my sled. I've tried a 5 gallon bucket but it's just to tippy. Any other suggestions?

I use a ht bag, I think it's made for jigging rods but I have about 10 tipups in there. Why not try a boat bag? It's waterproof.

hardwater diehard:
Some folks use a milk crate with PVC pipe .

I don't know about the PVC pipe but milk crates work good not so top heavy as a bucket and you can get your tip ups, a jig rod or two and a scoop in one if you pack it careful.

I've saw somewhere someone used pieces of gutter and caps connected - one for each trap and made a carrying case that was pretty good.


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