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Good ice at Oxford Furnace lake

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Today was a mild breezy afternoon on Furnace lake.  The area I fished had about 6 inches of ice. Didn't catch anything in the afternoon.  Went back right before dark and caught 3 bluegills in a20 minute span.  Just STAW AWAY from the cove to the far left of the boat launch.  There's a spring over there and the ducks have kept open a very small portion of open water by that spring.

Does anyone have a recent report on oxford ? Thanks

Heading there to check it out in a moment.  I'll let you know how it is. Im sure it's still good.  Their was about 6 inches on Thursday


--- Quote from: Reb on Feb 17, 2021, 09:10 AM ---Does anyone have a recent report on oxford ? Thanks

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There's plenty of good ice on furnace lake at the moment

Thanks for the report ,Coot


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