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hook keepers for tipups

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Anyone have any ideas other than sinking the treble or standard snelled hook into the spooled line then finding out next morning it is embedded or frozen from the day before? Has to be something out there to keep it out of the way,the spools without a drag will unravel though.

Whopper Stopper:
I use Beaver Dams. They have the flag attached to a spring attached to a board. The spring is folded against the board and the tip of the flag is inserted into a small hole on the spool after the line is wrapped up.

What I do ((many other traps would allow you to also) is this. Once the line has been spooled back up, I flex the spring away from the trap to open up a coil on the spring. I insert the hook or strike rig in the open coil and then flex the flag into the folded position to pinch the hook and thus holding it when the tip is inserted into the hole on the spool.

I never cared for the imbedding the hook into the line method and rubber bands always end up breaking.

It works for me YMMV

a couple dabs of silicone caulk on the side of spool works great for me. Hook stays put.

Small screw eyes screwed in the top of the board for beaver dam like tip ups

I cut a wine cork in half and glue it on where it works best  per type of tip up .


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