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wild bill:
Wanted to post about the quality customer service that this shop provided us. We were fishing Presque Isle and stopped at this bait shop..We bought several items and bait for the day..(good count on minnows) Some of the gear we bought failed during our outing. I called Jim Hansen the following day to explain the problem. He was very understanding of the problem and would stand behind any item that we had a problem with..and was very willing to do what ever it takes to make us happy!!We fished there again today, and he took care of us 100% and replaced our tackle.. Just wanted to take the time to commend him on his exceptional service..Thanks  ;D

Fat Boy:
Yes, I like his shop and he's been friendly to us as well.

This is kikkerman, Joe Hansen has been a true friend of mine for sometime, he is a distributor for my ice kickers-portable drill adapters. I have gone into his store and realizing that I had forgotten my minnow bucket he would offer me one to use and never say make sure you bring it back.Another time I had ordered a Jiffy ice auger from him and when it didn't arrive on time he let me use another brand new one for at least a week until mine came in, again never saying make sure you return it.He always seems to have time to say hi how have you been(means alot to me) and is very truthfull about the ice conditions and the overall fishing conditions.I hope that other people will answer or comment on Joe, he is one of the last old timer bait suppliers(even though he is not that old) on our shoreline.Hopefully he is there for a long time to come.

What is the phone number of Hansen's Bait Shop so I can give him a call?
                                                                  Thanks SM




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