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lets go RI


lets hear from the little state

How wedoing RIfish.I think what you meant to say was lets go RED SOX.Wont be to much longer we hope. Think its going to be a cold one this year. I have not seen any other locals on the web yet.I posted back around the end of Sept.Billy Carr Striper Tourney check out the story and picture.Its on around page 5 on the forum page.

Wow the ice is starting lol well just a little early ice on the edges and puddles but I still got a big smile from it. 11/11/07

I wen,t to check my shinner traps on sunday an the little pond they are in are covered in ice, I had too bust the ice to get them out....I noticed that the edge of Wilson's up here in Burriville has a little ice in the cove near rt. 100....


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