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Sharpening hooks

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Do you sharpen hooks and, if so, what do you use. I have never sharpened them---I just buy new single hooks and replace the trebles on lures. I don't use many jigs. I bought a rinky-dinky stone with grooves from our local store that is a bit finicky to use. Why not use a regular oil or water stone----the kind used for knives etc.


A metal finger nail file works good on small hooks

Eze Lap hook sharpener.

Some to a lot of the lures I buy, comes with not the sharpest of hooks.  Often, I have to touch them up.  There are some hooks that have dull barbs and I carefully touch them up as well.

Sometimes I pick up lures on the ground or fish them from a snag and then I touch up them hooks and use those lures.  Yeah, I am a cheapo, but sometimes I find a lure and wonder if it was a hot lure.

Eze Lap hook sharpener gets my vote also. If you find a good deal I'd buy two.

EzLap x3 but all so the fine metal file on Leathermans work FANTASTIC as well.


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