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Bowdish Ice 02/13/21 - CAREFUL

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I'll update this thread later today for a quick status. Need to get the foot checked by the doctor to see if it's in fishing condition @)

1 pm 02/15 update - edges in spots still slushy. 2 inches or so spotty hard ice. might be able to get out to more solid ice but would not chance it. Give it another day to keep making ice.

Edges have firmed up nicely. still only about 2 inches out to about 20 ft. once you hit the main Ice it's still has a good 6-7 inches. 2 on top, an inch or so of firmer slush then another 4 or so of relatively hard ice. I suspect today may be the last day fishing here with the warmer temps and rain expected Friday. I'm putting out traps and will tend from shore as I tweak a couple sled mods to organize it a bit better. The spillway here is closed to get the refill started. We are getting a lot of input from Lake Washington and the melt from "The Blizzard" has moved the lake level up. The level under my dock has come up a good 6 inches in the last week or so.


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