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Bowdish Ice 02/13/21 - CAREFUL

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Edges took a huge hit yesterday with those 60 degree temps an 8' piece of 3/4 ply won't even get me to safe slab ice from my front lawn. I suspect it might be sketchy edge wise most places. If you get out be careful. Ice has probably sugared up a lot in spots. Was planning a day of watching traps from the house but not happening. Need a couple nights of good hard refreeze to get a couple more weeks of fishing. If you are headed out be careful!!!! :tipup:

Yeah I think the ice definitely took a beating yesterday. Even with 8"+ of ice it can get soft quick. Not going out today for that reason. This cold the next few days should help. If not, then heading north next weekend.

Was wondering how the ice made out down here…came back from Winni we were on 18 inches crazy weather fishing in t shirts. Slow fishing but warm!

02/14 12:30 update- edges are still pretty rough not much improved from yesterday. slushing heavily but still not supportive of weight. If it stays below 32 degrees and we get a good over night drop in temps. might have luck by tomorrow A.M. but I think that is hopeful at best.

The next two nights are close to single digits…Wed will be great


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