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ice buildup on line

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--- Quote from: BUCKSKI on Jan 24, 2022, 07:57 AM ---Yep or invent heated line ;)
Tried lip balm and fly line treatment for ice, none worked liked I thought

--- End quote ---

aaahhh a heat trace main fishing line. the next new thing. lol  mite as well make it compatible with drill batteries too. 

Jig and slowly drop jigging depth.

Grip it, rip it, and strip it. Works every time.

ive seen guys say that theyll put smelt oil or something similar along the last couple guides as a way to keep the ice from forming. I havent done it personally though, im a rip off with my hand individual myself. The larger guides will definitely help though. Youll still have to clean the line but you can do it a little less frequently


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