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New to me IQ 550f, To Stud or Not to Stud...

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Hey all. It is that time of year. Deer season is over and I can't wait to hit the hard water. This year I have a new toy. 2012 Polaris IQ LXT 550f. I picked it up cheap with 1000 miles on it. Sled is in excellent condition.
This is my second machine. I also have a 14 Sportsman 850XP.

Here is the dilema. The sled is not studded. The track is in excellent shape and shows almost no wear. I plan to use the sled for times with lots of snow on the ice and the wheeler with chains for little snow to bare ice.

So I am torn on if I should spend the money to studd the track on the IQ. I was all set to do it, but a buddy said to hold off. His concern is since the track is older, studding it may actually put some undo stress on the track and it might split. So now I am second guessing my self. Like I said I dont know that I need it for traction, but it would be nice if I go out on powder and then hit bare ice.


Side note, any modifications I need to do?? I have very little ability to leave something bone stock.

If your plan is to use the sled when there is snow on the lake I would not stud the machine.  As you have mentioned studs will not help in snow unless you hit bare ice.  I have used a sled for ice fishing on lakes that are covered with snow and have never once wish I studded the track.  Also if you store your machine in the garage it will  not be hard on your concrete.

Your buddy is correct, studding it now might result in a track failure. Not for certain, but a definite possibility. By studs, I mean full length picks, not the tiny little automotive type. Otherwise I'd say put in some big 'ol picks and head out on the glare ice. If you haven't already, check the sliders, easy to replace if need be. At 1,000 miles it might be time depending on how and in what conditions it was ridden. Also replace plugs and belt, easy to do and good peace of mind.

I'll never have anything but a pre-studded track from now on. They are far superior. So if you want studs, I highly suggest looking for a used, pre-studded track. 

Have a 300f long track that is studded. Only way to go on glare ice. Have a newer 500f long track that is not studded. Itís better in deep snow, hauling more gear, and more creature comforts. But, Iíll fish with my 300f most of the time. Itís nice having that traction just in case. Best of luck with your new 550f.
Those are solid machines!


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